There are two ways to get the smart contract source code verified:

  1. Request verification from MyWish team at

  2. Follow the steps described below to verify the source code manually.

How to verify smart contract source code in the blockchain explorer.

  1. Click on the token address to enter BscScan

2. Go to the "Contract" tab

3. Click on "Verify and Publish"

4. Enter the verification request field:

In the "Please select Compiler Type" field, select Solidity (Single file) In the "Please select Compiler Version" field, select v0.4.24 + commit.e67f0147 In the "Please select Open Source License Type" field, select GNU General Public License v3.0 (GPLv3)

5. Click the "Continue" button

6. In the "Optimization" section, select "Yes"

7. On MyWish platform, go to the "Source Code" tab Click on the link Your TOKEN source code "here"

9. Open the downloaded source file

10. Copy the source code and paste it into the "Enter the Solidity Contract Code below *

11. Remove the first paragraph (where it says MyWish) from the source code

12. Remove ABI from the "Constructor Arguments ABI-encoded" field

13. Click "Verify and Publish"

Check MyWish Video Tutorial:

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